Hi I’m Susan and I help people build businesses that matter. I work with therapists, health care professionals, healers,and compassionate people to grow businesses that make the world a better place. Whether you are just starting out or have a business that needs a little more “oomph,” building a business that helps, heals and solves human problems is different. We do our work because we care, but sometimes working compassionately makes the marketing, sales, and profit side of our business development feel tricky. I know those feelings and have discovered effective ways to do caring work and make a great living. Want to learn more? I invite you to explore my blog. I post  twice a week. My articles are a combination of my thoughts and ideas and carefully curated research that address topic such as:

  • Marketing as a service.
  • Steps to create sustainable, profitable, meaningful business.
  • How to integrate our work to fit our lifestyle.
  • A call to communities to support value driven businesses that make grassroots change.
  • Leveraging delight, instead of fear, in our marketing and sales.

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Interested in working together?

I’m excited to announce my new S.M.A.R.T. Business Academy program! This low cost, five month business development process will get you from your business ideas and dreams to a sustainable, meaningful business and marketing action plan. Click here to learn more about SMART Business. I also provide highly customized coaching and consultation to small business helping and healing professionals. Click here to read more about my coaching/consultation services.

“Working with Susan has helped me to develop clarity and focus in marketing my business, which has resulted in exciting growth.  She helped me to develop and launch my first successful program. I also benefited from her knowledge and advice around developing a business that is compatible with having a young family. Her style was encouraging and motivational, just what I needed to move forward and reach my business goals. Susan is a fantastic coach and I would absolutely recommend her to anyone who wants to have an innovative and thriving business.”   Read more….

~ Uriah Guilford, LMHT

“I always knew I wanted my own business, but I didn’t think of myself as a business owner. When I started my business I ran it more like an open house instead of fitting it into the lifestyle I had envisioned. I was not making any money from my business. I was unhappy, scared, and hopeless. I knew something had to change, but I wasn’t ready to call it quits. I was committed to building my business, but I needed the knowledge to make it happen. After doing some research, I ran cross Susan Giurleo. Her business model clicked for me.  It was the lifestyle I had been looking for, one that allowed me to work in a way that finally allowed me to use my unique professional gifts and also allowed me to actually be able to LIVE and enjoy life without having to work all of the time. Oh, and did I mention that this model allowed me to be able to make enough money to live on without draining the savings account or go into debt? With Susan’s guidance and mentoring, I was able to overcome the roadblocks that were holding me back from success. Susan taught me how to build a business, a business that revolved around my life instead of my life revolving around it.  And I’ve never looked back. It was the best investment in myself that I’ve ever made.” Read more…

~ Tammy Whitten, MS, LMFT

“Not only is Susan’s marketing savvy top notch, she has a passion for it and it shines through in her work. Her enthusiasm is contagious. This alone helped me break through my fears to do what I knew in my heart I wanted to do but was not giving myself permission to. On top of overcoming my fears of doing something completely outside of the box, everything Susan has recommended has produced real, solid results in my business- more clients, opt ins to my email list, opportunities to write for and market myself in notable publications. If you are looking to take your business to the next level, and innovate in your line of work, Susan is the coach to work with.” Read more…

~ Daniel Bolton, LMHC