Hi, I’m Susan.

I’m a mom, psychologist and entrepreneur.

I’ve been successfully self-employed for ten years and help others build businesses that matter.

How is this website useful to you? This is a corner of the internet where we talk about the human side of business. I share ideas, research and art related to building sustainable, compassionate businesses grounded in your personal values and lifestyle. My hope is you will be learn new ways of thinking about business and be inspired to build a business that changes the world in some small way.

I write twice a week on topics related to business development for therapists, health care professionals, healers and coaches.

Some themes I address include:

  • Building sustainable businesses that make a healthy profit and let you live a healthy life.
  • Marketing as a service.
  • A call to communities to supportĀ  value driven businesses that make grassroots change.
  • Honoring ourselves and our clients as important, imperfect and valuable.
  • Looking beyond simplistic numbers and integrating human values and emotions into business and marketing plans.

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Want to learn more?

You can read my personal story here.