Hi, I’m Susan.

I’m a mom, psychologist and entrepreneur.

I’ve been successfully self-employed for ten years and help others empower themselves to build businesses, too.

I’m the founder of a psychotherapy and coaching private practice for families of children with ADHD, autism and executive dysfunction called Child Development Partners. That’s my passion, day job and main source of inspiration and income.

This blog is a professional journal of sorts. While I grow my business, I enjoy exploring new and exciting ways to generate income, market and offer value to my clients. Those are the ideas I share here. I don’t claim to have all the answers. I’ll explore and brainstorm, test out ideas and stretch boundaries in this space. You are welcome to follow along and join the conversation.

Because I need a place where I can create without structure, this blog is not static. I may post 7 days a week, then I may not post for a few days. I don’t offer a freebie or market anything actively on this blog. I need a pressure-free space to just hang out and think. If one person (me) reads my stuff, I’m happy. But if 10,000 read it, that’s great in a different kind of way.

I think all of the truly important details that make us who we are get omitted from the resume, don’t you? Here’s what I’d tell you if we met over a mocha latte….

  • I make my life and my work about conscious choosing.
  • I’m a psychologist. I understand how people think, feel and behave. I always have connected with people intuitively. The degree just confirmed what I already knew.
  • I’m a mom to a 10 year old whose birth inspired me to work on my own terms. I’ve never looked back. I’ve loved every adventure (and there have been many and will be many more).
  • As a small business coach, people expect me to talk about money. I view money as important as a tool. It allows you to be comfortable, have fun and make the world a better place. Money,however, is not a goal by itself. The bigger goal is how to generate money while doing work that matters.
  • My desk is my kitchen table. I also take frequent dance breaks in my kitchen.

  • Social media has given me the career I have today. It’s a miracle we take for granted.
  • I’m an introvert who loves people.
  • I love coffee, eat chocolate every day and do yoga imperfectly.
  • My favorite color is orange.
  • Our cats, Cookie and Stormy, are troublemaking office mates.

Stormy at work

  • My happiest place on earth is at the beach with my family.
  • My dream vacation is surf camp in Costa Rica.
  • I make outstanding chocolate chip pumpkin bread.
  • I’m fueled by ideas, innovation, and smart, passionate people who are energized and fired up to grow something, do something and change the world for the better.

Where I Hang Out

I’ve shared my work with the great people at SXSW and mental health organizations and associations throughout the USA. I’ve had the honor of being quoted in magazines and newspapers including the New York Times Magazine, the Boston Globe, the Montreal Globe and Mail and Parents Magazine.

Online I’ve contributed to InformationWeek Health and KevinMD.com and been interviewed for many podcasts/online radio shows around issues of work-family integration, creativity and innovation, and coping with stress, procrastination and burn out.

You can see my official CV here.

I’m Glad You’re Here

My biggest joy is supporting good people in doing good work. I’m glad you are here. If you want to learn more about my ideas, philosophy and business approach please peruse my blog. When you register for updates, you’ll get those juicy posts right in your email box.

We can hang out on social media, too. I’m a regular on Facebook and Twitter.

Want to Work Together?

If you want to learn more about my services, click here. While I don’t actively market my small business coaching (only the cool kids know I’m here) if you think my approach and personality are a good fit for your needs, please be in touch. Email is the easiest way to reach me: Susan @ DrSusanGiurleo.com

I also host a yearly business development and marketing retreat called RUCKUS TOGETHER which rocks and you may dig it. Check it out here.

And if you’d like to see how others fare when we work together, check out their very kind words here.

I look forward to getting to know you!